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Hi all,


I’m back and you’ll never guess what we have been doing for these past 3 weeks. We have been making a menu about migration. So i’m guessing you are wondering how we did that. The menu that I’m doing isn’t about food, it’s 3 different presentations and I did a venn diagram for entree, a historical narrative for main and a clay boat for dessert.

The most important thing that I have learnt is probably how I found out that most refugees have to go to camps for a long time. I enjoyed making the clay boat.It was hard when I had to do my Venn diagram because I couldn’t come up with many similarities with refugees and non refugees. I think that I finished the tasks properly and with lots of effort.The next time I do this again I will try to use my time more wisely.

If you want to see my work click on the link bellow. My favorite piece of work that I did on the menu was probably the clay boat.


How I made this boat:

  1. Get clay and form it into a shape of a boat.
  2. Get any 3 colors that you want.
  3. Get one of the colors and paint the whole boat that color.
  4. Do another coat after it has dried and then another.
  5. And then do a line with another paint
  6. Wait until it has dried.
  7. And do another line on top of it but a little thinner in another color.
  8. Enjoy!

What do you think is my best piece of work?

2 thoughts on “My migration menu

  1. Hi Dom,

    Really good work! I reckon that your boat turned out relly well and I know you put a lot of effort into it and it was well deserved.
    Well done!

    Seyah Alessandro

  2. G’day Dom its Noah,
    Good job on your project i think you did a really good job.
    Plus that clay model is really cool.
    Awesome job
    Your man

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