Melbourne city is in our school

Hi guys today Melbourne city came to our school I was really exited because it is my favorite sport in the whole world  have been playing soccer since I was 4 years old we had a game today and the scores were 2-6 we won I scored all of the six goals ant they had much more players than us we had 4 players and they had 11 it was fun because they had the too players too they were called Leroy and Mel players for the w-league and Leroy plays as a center back I took both of them on and then swung my leg it hit the ball and the ball ended up in the back of the net. I forgot to mention that I go for Melbourne city in the a-league but my favorite team all up is FC Barcelona.MEL-footballplayers_Wide.jpg

3 thoughts on “Melbourne city is in our school

  1. Hey Dom,
    Nice comment Dom! I especially loved your whole blog post but your outstanding bit was how you scored all 6 goals, one question, how did you score all 6? It must be because your an excellent player.


  2. Hey Dom,
    I liked how you talked about the things you like about city and when you started. And go city and we can’t forget the best
    team fever Barcelona.


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